“Masha K made this deal happen. I was fighting other all cash offers (which I was not) and a very competitive purchasing landscape. Masha not only got the deal out from under other offers, but she orchestrated the negotiations to my benefit. The escrow company said many times that they had no idea how I got the deal, and I consistently told them that it was the knowledge, experience and skill of my agent. Throughout the escrow process, Masha kept me informed and comfortable every step of the way, as this was my first home purchase. I would more than recommend her to anyone that wants to purchase a home." (Buyer) Masha Krakovskaya 

"My experience with Catherine McGinnis from Keller Williams couldn’t have been better. She helped me look for a multifamily property in LA for a good 6 months. Throughout this time, she made dozens of offers on my behalf, pulled even more comps, and went out of her way to look at properties with me. And once we had an accepted offer on the property I ended up purchasing, Catherine was willing to make the over 80-mile round-trip from her office in Beverly Hills to the outskirts of Santa Clarita on multiple occasions to make sure that the transaction was proceeding smoothly. And even after the property closed, Catherine assisted me in resolving a numerical discrepancy with the seller in her typical timely fashion. Working with Catherine was the completely opposite of working with my old, supposedly “investor-friendly” agent who will go unnamed. Unfortunately, he was always a little too busy for me. Something as simple as pulling comps could take him a few days, which is simply unacceptable in a fast-turning market like Los Angeles. Catherine was not like that; she was very responsive and made the entire property-buying experience smooth as can be, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to purchase property in the LA area." (Buyer) Catherine McGinnis

"Sophie is a great agent. She took the time to learn what I wanted and needed in my new home. She knew exactly what I was looking for and did a fabulous job of screening out the houses so that I only visited the houses that met my criteria. Sophie provided me with such personal attention that I truly felt as if I were her only client during my 9-month search for my home. I highly recommend Sophie." (Buyer) Sophie McLean

"I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Tom. I was in a competitive bidding situation (12 offers!) and Tom counseled me every step of the way. I truly believe that I wouldn't own my dream home without the guidance and wisdom of Rare Properties. Their service was comprehensive and first rate -- they set all the appointments for all the inspections and made everything easy and straightforward. Once my offer was accepted, Tom also introduced me to an amazing contractor. It was an A+ experience." (Buyer) Tom Davila

"Sophie McLean was invaluable to us when we were looking for the right property to meet our intricate set of requirements. She very quickly got a handle on our likes and dislikes and came up with a range of suitable properties for us to choose from. Once we'd shortlisted the available options, she mapped out a logical route and liaised with all of the various realtors / owners to make sure that we had an efficient and successful day of back to back viewings. She found our "perfect fit" and everything went very smoothly from there on, we moved in very soon after with no hiccups whatsoever. We have no hesitations in recommending Sophie as an excellent realtor who has first-class people skills and a knack of rapidly understanding people's needs." (Buyer) Sophie McLean

"Sunny helped my investment partner and I buy our first rental property, and I really cannot say enough good things about her.  Having grown up in Los Angeles, she is incredibly knowledgable about all the different areas of L.A., and helped us narrow our search considerably to fit our investment objectives.  We went through property after property, and even entered (then exited) escrow on one, before finding the perfect fit for us.  She is extremely personable, ethical, patient and generous with her time, and truly looked out for our best interests.  Sunny was very objective and helped us determine that the first property we thought we wanted would not serve us well.  The property we finally decided was the best fit was still under construction, so escrow was very long.  Sunny was extremely diligent and made sure that everything was completed to our satisfaction in a timely manner.  I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to working with her again." (Buyer) Sunny Whang

"Masha was amazing to work with - super knowledgeable and just an overall GREAT experience!!! Masha was always on time to every meeting and super attentive!!! I would recommend working with Masha as I certainly plan on doing so for future purchases and sales!!!" (Buyer) Masha Krakovskaya 

"Masha was a dream to work with. Very professional, responded immediately and very attentive. She was always on time. Paperwork was hassle free. I would highly recommend her." (Buyer) Masha Krakovskaya 

"We were first time home buyers and had no idea what to expect. Masha was there every step of the way to help use find our dream home! She constantly went above and beyond and made buying a home a breeze. She is amazingly friendly, reliable, and fought to get us a great deal. Thanks Masha for an wonderful experience!!" (Buyer)  Masha Krakovskaya 


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